Mentoring Doctoral Students

2 thoughts on “Mentoring Doctoral Students”

  1. Hi Blair, sounds like a great partnership. While I read the articles on the partnership I wondered, how many women study at the Zomba Theological College? I would be curious to read more about gender at ZTC. Thanks!


    1. Char, thanks for the good questions.

      There are no women in the Aberdeen PhD program. Each of the three students was selected by their synod and so it was the synods who had the opportunity to select a woman. While these three have been studying at Aberdeen, one of my female colleagues has been doing doctoral work at Pretoria. The college has supported her financially but not to the same extent.

      For our other programs we have much larger female participation. It isn’t 50/50 but closer to 75/25. One of the synods who provides students doesn’t ordain women so it is difficult to get parity. Some of our non-ministerial students (those not associated with the synods) come from denominations with larger numbers of women leaders and that helps a great deal.

      There is a program for wives of those pursuing ordination. This equips them both to do their own ministry but also with entrepreneurial and vocational training that they might otherwise not have access to. This program, while somewhat sexist, empowers women to have more agency and economic independence and so I think is a good thing in the context.

      Hope that helps.


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