The Party Has Landed

One thought on “The Party Has Landed”

  1. I’m happy to know you are settling into a home and hopefully your children will be able to make connections soon. I well remember the difficult our boys fount the loss of their good friends in our move to Elmira. Fortunately for Peter you reached out to him and with the Scouts he did well. Our older son, even when the other students were very kind and did reach out to him, he was just too lost without his friends and supportive school. He phoned his principal and asked if there was a family who would take him in and one would, so he abandoned us. I think it was tough for him but he made it. it was tough for us as well.
    You certainly have given them an enriching experience.
    Peter is doing well.
    Love from your ‘old’ friends, Art & Oriole


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