The Party is Over

11 thoughts on “The Party is Over”

  1. Hi Blair and family:

    Don and I are praying for your safe return and future endeavours.

    Cheers, Jo Blaak

    On Thu, Mar 26, 2020 at 10:19 AM Missional-aries wrote:

    > Blair D. Bertrand posted: ” When we came to Malawi, we brought a lawn sign > proclaiming in bold letters, “THE PARTY’S HERE.” The sign originated at a > going away shindig in British Columbia, and we took it with us across > Canada from BC to Ontario and then to Amsterdam before landing ” >


  2. There are many disruptions now and at every level in these strange days. I’m sorry for the way this has changed your timeline and hopes.
    Prayers for you all as you navigate many things in the day ahead. I’ll be praying for you and giving thanks for the days shared in Malawi.


  3. Welcome back Blair.
    We have been following your Missional-aries blog and have enjoyed your perspectives and experiences on life in Malawi.
    Your family will be happy to see you again as well.
    Mike & Joyce Montaigne


  4. I’ve been following your journeys since we first met at our GLAUCE educator conference at Techny Towers, Chicago, several years ago. I have enjoyed your Malawi stories. I can only imagine how difficult it is to say goodbye. Be safe. Stay well. Traveling mercies.


  5. Hey Blair, I can understand how this one tears at the soul. You have an escape hatch…and those you love do not. There’s a whole unspoken dissertation in there about guilt and resentment and relief, all the complex things that make us human and messy and redeemable. Leaving is a tough decision and the words ‘we will be back’ can feel very hollow in the present, save the Truth that God never leaves anyone. When you do go back you can bring hope with you, and join in whatever God has planned. He will take any opportunity and use it. I wish you a safe journey and hope to see you in the future (just in time for Spring, a renewal of all.)


  6. Dear Blair and Vivian et al:
    Thank you for sharing this update on your ministry and plans to return to Canada. We pray for your safe return, 14-day isolation, and re-settlement in Canada. We also pray for the church in Malawi, that it’s leaders and elders will carefully guide the flock and be a practical and faithful witness to the Lord, who IS our strength and redeemer. As a former MKid I a ofter a special prayer for Bird Boy, Wild Child, and C-C. Yours, in Christ. Maynard & Susan


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