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  1. Looking forward to more news especially from the home front. We hear enough of Trump which gives us indigestion and Zantacs have no effect! I hope your parents are well and enjoying the Malawi experience and spending time with the children who will be excited to show them everything. Are they ready for back to school? We have just been to Rocky Mountain House where it was not as smoky and we did get rain…so desperately needed…. It is quite depressing to see the downturn of that rural economy with the oil slump. 300 homes for sale in a town of 7000 people and not much better in Sylvan Lake with 14,000 population there. Next I am off to Ottawa to celebrate birthdays with Jennifer and the twins…haven’t seen them since May so know how your Mum feels after a year away from you all. Take good care of yourself. Lots of hugs and goodnight prayers…..Joyce & Ron……

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