Charles and Tidzalerana

4 thoughts on “Charles and Tidzalerana”

  1. Thank you for sharing this story! I do some ministry with the Deaf community here in Nova Scotia. And recently did a presentation to our Atlantic Mission Society on ministering with people who are Deaf. I had heard about a centre in Ghana, and will now keep this story to share as well! Prayers for your ministry! Rev. Beth Mattinson


  2. Blair, very moving story about Charles…am teary after reading it…am glad you could give him some work! Good that you checked with the other workers and the gardener…it sounds like a challenge with so many gate knockers wanting and needing work; selling wares and food etc.


  3. So many things to learn about new culture!
    Lovely story of everyday life in Malawi. Makes me think how precious each person is……
    Keep’em coming!


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