Bloodsucker Violence

2 thoughts on “Bloodsucker Violence”

  1. I am concerned about your recent news, I pray for the safety of you and your family. Be Safe! Blessing from North Vancouver, B.C.


  2. Last night, I asked two Malawian friends who live in Canada about superstitions and the current violence in Blantyre. They confirmed that this is a longstanding aspect of life in that country. A house would be identified as being inhabited by witches or the subject of witchcraft and as children they would be told to stay away from there. Unfortunately, this was associated with illness or physical deformities of an inhabitant at times. Albinos are sometimes persecuted, for example. A related behaviour could be the tendency in some Christian minds that a tragedy such as death in a car accident or a still birth is punishment by God for sin by the person or a family member. Or more starkly, burnings at the stake of witches in early days by settlers in America.
    I hope that peace is restored soon in Blantyre and that people will learn from this experience about the perils of superstition.


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