Responding to Cyclone Idai: Relief and Prayer

4 thoughts on “Responding to Cyclone Idai: Relief and Prayer”

  1. My tears flowed and my heart ached as I read your stories Vivian. I can’t imagine how hopeless it must feel to be either those who have been uprooted by the floods or those who are trying to help but feel so helpless in light of all the devastation. I pray God’s wisdom, compassion, and grace for you, your family and all who are doing whatever they can to be the hands and feet of Jesus to those who are in need. Shalom.


  2. Powerful stories, Viv. Thank you for sharing. The story of the 12 yr old girl broke my heart. My E is 12 and I cannot imagine that kind of trauma and devastation in life. If only there were some way to even out the privilege in the world. : /


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