Recovery Has Begun – Malawi Flood Update

3 thoughts on “Recovery Has Begun – Malawi Flood Update”

  1. Thank you Vivian and Bird Boy for the update and pictures of the damage so close to home for you all. It does seem so overwhelming for all of us to take in. We have decided to post it in the bulletin each week that the Easter Offerings will be designated to the Flood Relief so that people can contribute ahead of time in case they are away at Easter. I hope your many hours of work on those proposals reach the real listening ears. Our hearts and prayers are with you as you work so diligently in extremely difficult times. Really looking forward to those big hugs. Joyce

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  2. Hi Viv, I didn’t see this until tonight. Thanks for the update; it must be so disheartening and discouraging to think as you say of what is next? You say that you can’t do much in the face of this disaster, but you and many other people are doing many perhaps small things in the light of the immensity of the thing and it all adds up.  So keep up the good work. You are doing work there for all of your family and loved ones here and for Canada and the Presbyterian church and we thank you. Good that you are there!

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