Leaving Season Part #2

6 thoughts on “Leaving Season Part #2”

  1. Years ago I met a woman a couple of times whose name was Susan George. She wrote a book called, “How the Other Half Dies”. The basic thesis was that there were enough resources in every country in the world to feed its own population. Starvation was in every case she examined directly related to western intervention for its own purposes. It has for me been a troubling issue – are we by our aid efforts mollifying or smoothing over the negative effects of the economic engine that feeds us in every sense of the word? If we remove the outsider interpreters of western medical technology, what happens in Malawi? You are seeing the potential result first hand. We try to teach and to enable self reliance and yet it is so hard to see problems fester that can or could be solved from outside.


    1. Nelson, thanks for the comment. It is indeed a vexing issue and perhaps even more so in Malawi. Most of the other poorest countries in the world have had armed conflicts but Malawi has not. Many development interventions that have proven effective elsewhere have not been here.

      I’ll post some more thoughts tomorrow or Thursday but I am quite concerned that the response to the problem of Western involvement, in all its complexity, gets reduced to the West abandoning Malawi. The line of reasoning that says the West is the problem and therefore what Malawi needs is no Westerners is tempting but I think wrong in the end.


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