It Might Get Loud

3 thoughts on “It Might Get Loud”

  1. This is thought-provoking. I am wondering about the Celtic christians and their prayers, words spoken at every turn: walking, milking a cow, smooring the fire. There too was a sense of angelic and demonic forces outside in the tactile world.

    But spoken also means shared. And North Americans are so individualistic with everything, even spiritual things. Perhaps it is not just about where God is located but also a reflection of how we understand God’s value or purpose. Outside of most church services I bet most NA prayers are in the first person, focused on what “I” need and want. In a culture where I understand that my wellbeing is inextricably tied up with others I would probably pray for “us” and engage in shared prayers more readily.


    1. My sense is that the idea of Celtic incorporates this “enchanted” worldview that I’m talking about. Taylor’s point is that while this view predominated in the West, modernity both destroys and offers an alternative to it. The destruction part is not wholesale for various reasons but recapturing the enchanted world is impossible. As Berger would put it, the sacred canopy has been ripped. The alternative part however can include aspects of the enchanted world. Taylor would argue that there are reductive arguments put forward by Dawkins etc. that emphasize the destruction but do nothing to offer the compelling alternative. The Western church has not come to grips with this yet and as such, doesn’t offer a very compelling alternative either.

      I wanted to include this idea but somehow it didn’t fit. I once saw an argument against having pew Bibles because reading, as we practice it, is an individual activity. Sure we all get the Word but we do so at our own cadence etc. Public reading though means that the sound waves reach each individual simultaneously, creating a group encounter with the same words. Prayers out loud can do the same. I think that the over the top volume here does not create that same shared experience, at least not for me, but that it might be intended to.


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