WESM Game Count 2017

3 thoughts on “WESM Game Count 2017”

  1. What a great trip for your children, and parents too. Wish I could be there too. Being a small time bird watcher, I can only dream of such sights.


  2. I guess I thought your blog would involve more spiritual insights from your work. – not a travel log about your family and children. Certainly the latter may exist but does not address the prime reason you are there and being financially supported by the Presbyterian Church in Canada.


    1. Your comment brings to our attention the need to differentiate between our blog and the blog of the Presbyterian Church in Canada (PCC). This blog is personally owned and maintained. It will include reflections from all kinds of dimensions of our lives here in Malawi including some clearly spiritual and others indirectly spiritual. The PCC will maintain a blog under the International Ministries department. They will post stories that they find directly relate to the work they fund. For instance, they intend to edit and repost the post on grassroots theological education. We will add disclaimers to all the posts to clarify the distinction.


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